Info on Radio online site.

Our key value is not design of the site but we are ensuring the quality of Radio online 24 content.

The essence, history and targets of the project.

After we first heard of Internet radio and have understood that the virtual reality beyond the world of computer hobbies and it is gradually becoming a commonplace for many users. Though process is not rapid, but definitely irreversible. Thus we came to the idea to run small independent rating of radio stations.

Our online radio site was designed long ago and at first has been tested on other web pages. Currently it operates in beta and is a part of a media portal as a stand-alone thematic line.

This directory of radio stations of the world should be easier to find sites online broadcasting and to give opportunity to listen to the sound directly from primary sources.



Increased capabilities of equipment, with a laptop or cell phone media available anywhere – home, office, automobile. Is increasing the throughput of the web.