Free audio player, for many media formats.

Windows media, Real audio and Winamp, Adobe Flash, Quick Time and Video LAN.

What format player fits better for the radio.

At the moment windows media player is the standard for many listeners, and most Internet radio stations are broadcasting in the windows format, it gives the opportunity to listen to the radio on a standard PC without installing additional software.

In order to listen to the radio via the Internet without paying attention to the format of the audio stream broadcasting you can download all the free versions of media players from the official websites to your computer, when you open an audio file, it will automatically be selected by one of the appropriate players!

In case of conflict between programs, it is better to set the settings for the desired format for each player, it would be better, this is done by experienced computer users.

Where can I download free or paid audio player

From the official site! You can download a free version, which is usually sufficient, but if you are a gourmet in sound quality and you have the appropriate audio equipment, you can use full and paid versions, but in most cases it is not necessary.

 Real audio player, Real media.

 Winamp audio player, Nullsoft.

Apple Quick Time player.

Get Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash player, necessary for some sites.

 Video LAN, supports many media formats.

 Windows audio player, Microsoft.


How to listen to the radio with comfort.

If you are running it on the computer and prevents the program on the screen, it is better to include sound, then turn the player (or a window with the player), the sound will go anyway, until you stop or close the window with the player.

If you are a supporter of high-quality sound, it is best to visit the official website of the radio station and select the high quality of the audio stream and format media player. Some radio stations also provide such opportunity.



Borderless erased conventional and web radio or audio broadcasts, you can buy a Wi-Fi or Wi-max www search stations car radio player or home media center.